I’m Caryn, an LA girl (by way of Brooklyn) with a passion for page-turning books and nurturing new authors. I love it when I see great talent in a brand-new author, and I always seek to foster that.

Of course, it’s also a thrill learning from veterans of “the biz,” and if I can teach them something new, it lets me know all the hard work I’ve done honing my skills has been worthwhile.

I decided to make editing a career after editing for family, friends, and anyone who ever said, “Would you take a look at this?” I’m also a writer, so I know what it’s like on both sides of the fence.

I give everything I have to my authors. I don’t just hand in my edits and expect them to comply. And if the writer is stuck, I’m there for brainstorming sessions.

I’m fast, thorough, and creative in both my writing and editing. I seek to bring out the best in myself and others, and I won’t rest until the manuscript is ready.

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